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The Sailing Course

Boca Seiga Boca Siega Bay, Florida


On October 10th 2006, my husband Wm and I (Carolina) left work everyday, paying mortgage, bills and the landlubber responsibilities of land-based living.

Two weeks previously we had been preparing by living on "Dreamweaver", our 27 ft. Bayliner Buccaneer sailboat at our dock in Harrison Bay. We had been working on our boat for four years preparing for our new life (new website about that coming soon). We made our "date" eighteen months ago by setting a countdown clock for the magic day. I cannot say we made it a firm plan, only because responsibility to other people in our lives. Things happen, so making a fixed plan is like playing with the devil and could be doomed for disappointment. I can say the "date" became reality once we stepped aboard the "Sea King" at Sunsail in St Petersburg, Florida. This was to be our home for the next six days so we could take our ASA certifications 101, 103 and 104, so we learn to sail in a responsible and safe manner.

Some seasoned sailors criticized our move to take such an expensive course, and we did have our doubts about the necessity of our decision, but my experience has to relay that it was the best move I have ever made. The sea is a big place and has it's own rules. We are mere mortals. Being mortal exposes us to error. Working with the elements of the sea and air is a definite skill as it has to be earned to be controlled. It is really the only way to survive, overcome nature by learning natures language and working with it. Communication by understanding the boat, the charts, reading signs and signals, watching and listening, feeling......EVERYTHING.

Preparation for everything and having plan B in the other hand will satisfy all criteria for survival in the wild elements of the blue water world.

Captain Kevin Hughes will be yelling in the wind as we sail the world, but I will never fear anything because I will remember everything.


Kevin instructing the able student

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kev treatment
Someone else is getting the Kev' "treatment", not me, I'm having the fun bit.